Merrycon offers a wide range of Business Continuity services for all different types and sizes of organisation, ranging from public to private and large to small, across all sectors of government, industry and commerce, including not for profit and healthcare. These services are provided to organisations with little or no in-house Business Continuity expertise through to those with established teams of Business Continuityn practitioners.

All the Business Continuity services provided by Merrycon are undertaken on a fixed price basis with specified deliverables, and provided as formal projects using an effective project management methodology designed by Merrycon for use in Business Continuity projects and used successfully over many years.

Merrycon’s approach to providing Business Continuity services is based on 3 core principles:

  • Simplicity – keep it simple and avoid complexity
  • Achievability – implement the process iteratively in short, clearly defined, and achievable steps
  • Control – use a structured project based approach to control the timescales and deliverables

Popular services provided by Merrycon include the following:

 Excercises To ensure the effectiveness of an organisation's Business Continuity Management (BCM) capability

 Implementation To assist organisations with the implementation of BCM 

 Review To examine an organisation's BCM competence and capability