Papers and Articles

Merrycon regularly produces papers and articles on Business Continuity topics for the benefit of both Business Continuity professionals and Merrycon’s clients. Here's a selection.

A New Approach to Business Continuity Mel Gosling explains that there is a growing body of Business Continuity (BC) practitioners that believe that a new approach to the discipline is both required and overdue, and puts forward his vision of the future.

 Incident Response Mel Gosling explores the progression from the initial response to the close of an incident, and finds similarities with chess.

MTPD - A New Definition Mel Gosling argues that current definition of the term Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption (MTPD) not only causes confusion, but is actually wrong, and needs to be replaced by a definition that will ensure that the concept is both readily understood and used as originally intended.

 Executive Guide A straightforward jargon free guide to implementing Business Continuity Management (BCM).

The Bad Practice Guidelines By using this Guide, practitioners should be able to identify some of the more common Bad Practices that are still to be found in the world of business continuity.  Hopefully, it will also provide some entertainment.

  How to Exercise a Business Continuity Plan This paper provides a step by step guide to exercising a Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

 A Testing Time An article written by Mel Gosling on exercising that was originally published in the magazine “Association Journal”.

  Have you actually tested the recovery of your systems? A salutory tale of what might happen when an organisation develops IT recovery plans and fails to take that extra step in actually testing the recovery.