Business Continuity Stories

Business Continuity can be a very dry subject, particularly to those not trying to make a living out of it, and it is encumbent on all Business Continuity practitioners to make it as interesting as possible to those who they are trying to encourage to spend their time in undertaking the many tasks that need to be completed to keep a Business Continuity Management programme up to date and effective. As one Business Continuity Coordinator was heard to lament when attending a one day Business Continuity training course, "What are the top ten Business Continuity reads, the ones with the sex, drugs, and rock and roll?"

In an attempt to make the subject more interesting, Merrycon has embarked on a programme of producing a series of stories and anecdotes that others might find a bit less dry than the normal Business Continuity paper.

The Three Business - the different approaches that three business took to mitigate a high likelihood risk

The Celebration - how a executive Management Team's celebration was rudely interrupted by an incident.

Why Did the Risk Manager Cross the Road?

The Client -  coming soon